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Hey folks! 👋🏼 My name is Katie. I teach the Slow-Burn Warm Yoga Class on Monday afternoons. 🔥✊🏼 My classes are a balance of active working poses and gentle restorative-flow poses. I offer guided muscle relaxation exercises throughout the practice, paired with breathing exercises, to help students learn to calm the body and mind. 

If you’ve ever been to one of my classes, you’ve probably heard me talk about the power of the breath, importance of kindness to yourself (in your body and your thinking), and did I mention the power of the breath work?! 

We live in a culture that pushes us to seek perfection. Yoga can be a safe place to step away from that unrealistic expectation. Yoga can be a safe place to practice kindness to yourself in your movements, your thinking, and your expectations. Yoga is not about bending like a pretzel or always being zen. Yoga is about self acceptance; even, and especially during stressful times. Through the full experience on your mat, you can practice stress management, self acceptance, and even a sense of belonging and community; simply by practicing within a group. 

Off the mat, I’m a mom. I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor. I’m an advocate for normalizing mental health care. I run a private counseling practice, Hope Centered Counseling LLC. I love learning. I’m a big advocate for self-care. I love to laugh, and try not to take myself too seriously. 

My hope for my classes is that people walk away feeling a sense of peace, accomplishment, and appreciation for themselves. ✨💪🏼💖 I think yoga is for everyone; no matter your mobility level, religion, physical fitness level, or life experience. Yoga can help improve self-esteem, decrease anxiety and/or depression, and help people feel better overall. 


“Yoga can be a safe place to practice kindness to yourself in your movements, your thinking, and your expectations.”

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