Summer Detox: Yoga Twists, Backbends and Nutrition Workshop

Come join Brittany and Denise for a cleansing practice designed to truly nourish the body and mind through vigorous breathing, twisting postures, and backbends. Twisting in yoga has the benefit of pressing toxins out of tissues and organs, to then be flushed from the body. Backbends stimulate the nervous system, giving natural energy boosts. A strong focus will be placed on back, neck, and shoulder pain with a tension releasing based sequence. Expect to feel lighter, with more clarity, in the physical body. We will end with a nutritional talk including real life application and simple tips for a healthy lifestyle. This workshop will prepare your body for the new season, in a cool setting. All levels welcome.

Includes fresh, vegan lunch.

Sign up in advance to reserve your spot on the Texarkana Yoga app.