The Yoga Prop Method: Restorative

The Yoga Prop Method series is a style of yoga that focuses on the use of props such as the wall, belts, bolsters, and blocks to integrate a structurally aligned yoga practice. The props are used to make yoga accessible for people of all ages and health conditions, and to support one’s practice with therapeutic approaches. Yoga props have many benefits such as: supporting injuries, refining one’s practice, and building a sustainable yoga practice. Each class is two hours long, practiced within a cool setting, and ends with a Nidra meditation for sleep therapy:
• The first class will focus on restoration of the body with passive stretching and long holds.
• The second class will focus on the integrity of balance to create harmony within the body.
• The third class will focus on building stability within the body.

The cost of attendance is $50 for the entire series or $20 per class. Texarkana Yoga will be providing everything you need to complete this series, so come as you are! Text us at (850) 895-9642 or sign up with the MINDBODY app!