Michelle Valentin

I teach Slow Flow & Yoga Nidra

Michelle's Bio

My name is Michelle.  I’m a native of Northern VA who’s lived here for the past 5 years.  I’m a wife and a fur-mama of a lot of dogs and a couple of cats.  Spare time, I love good adventures.

I’ve practiced yoga on & off for over 10 years.  I’ve found it has always kept me grounded and empowered me to feel my “crunch”.  It’s given me balance both on and off the mat. 

What I love about teaching yoga… I get to grow with my students.  We stretch the mind and body challenging ourselves to create a sense of calm in the midst outside chaos.  I teach (not hot) Slow Flow & Yoga Nidra.

Hope to see you on the mat Tuesday’s &/or Wednesday’s!



“What I love about teaching yoga... I get to grow with my students.”

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