Drop By for a Morning or Evening Class – We’re Flexible!

Drop By for a Morning or Evening Class – We’re Flexible!

Our Texarkana yoga instruction is good for the soul

Maybe you had an awful day at work – or perhaps you’re trying to adopt healthier habits. At Texarkana Yoga, we believe that yoga isn’t just a form of exercise. We think of it as a way of life. Our instructors will help strengthen and build your muscles while teaching meditation techniques. A contemplative mind is your secret for success at home and at work.

Come to Texarkana Yoga for rejuvenating classes. We’re proud to offer:

  • Hot yoga – we keep the studio between 100 and 105 degrees. The humidity will allow your muscles to stretch. As you sweat, your body will detox. Hot yoga is more challenging, so come prepared!
  • Warm yoga – we keep the studio around 90 degrees. All levels are welcome. Your muscles will benefit from the warm environment.
  • Chilled yoga – we keep the studio at 75 degrees. These classes are restorative and gentle – ideal for our beginners.

What to wear to your yoga class

You shouldn’t feel restrained when practicing yoga. Texarkana Yoga emphasizes fluidity of motion, so wear stretchy clothing. We recommend shorts or yoga pants, sports bras, tank tops and loose T-shirts. Arrive a few minutes early to check in and set up your mat.

For more information about our class schedule, call 903-244-1802.