We’ve Heard All the Excuses, Including “Namastay in Bed”

We’ve Heard All the Excuses, Including “Namastay in Bed”

Don’t worry, our yoga classes are restorative and fun

You’ve probably tried downward dog or child’s pose, but did you know that yoga is more than just a series of stretches? Texarkana Yoga focuses on the discipline of yoga – which incorporates the whole being. When practiced with purpose and precision, breath control and movement can transform your mind and body. Yoga will ground you in the present moment and enable you to experience life more fully.

Call 903-244-1802 to join a yoga class at our Texarkana studio. You’ll find that yoga also restores your flexibility and mobility. It’s proven to improve breathing, stamina and circulation. You’ll appreciate feeling energized and empowered. We look forward to hosting you for yoga lessons!

5 benefits of yoga and meditation

Texarkana Yoga owner Jen Dierksen has over 21 years of teaching experience. She’ll help you get the most out of your weekly sessions. Consider the following benefits of taking yoga classes:

  1. Toned and lengthened muscular system – as your muscles release tension, your body will feel more supple. Students with conditions like multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia respond especially well to the practice of yoga.
  2. Strengthened skeletal system – moving your joints on a regular basis prevents disorders like osteoporosis, scoliosis and arthritis from becoming disabling.
  3. Exercised circulatory system – yoga poses help your body circulate blood. Improved blood flow equates to healthier tissues. As a result, your sensory organs and muscles perform better
  4. Stimulated digestive system – spinal twists, forward folds and diaphragmatic breathing will aid in the digestive process. As you sweat out harmful toxins, your system will work through digestive blockages.
  5. A regulated endocrine system – as you stimulate your glands, your metabolism, sex drive, energy levels and mental state will stabilize.

Our breathing exercises will even help you manage stress and negative emotions. The perks are hard to pass up. Visit our Texarkana, Texas yoga studio to take advantage of these benefits and more.